About Team 1396

To begin with, this website is entirely team made. Created by Webmaster Diandra Vega under the guidance of alumni Toby Benjamin and Spencer Hakim, who made building this website possible. On behalf of the entire robotics team and myself, a special thank you to these two young men. Creating this website has led to the fundamental teachings of web design and development within team 1396 and for future team members to come.

“In developing this website, my desire and aspiration is for web design and development to flourish within the team and open new doors for our team members. On behalf of myself and future web team members to come, I hope this expands on your skills or opens a new path of interest in the field of web design. Much luck to you all and enjoy the experience of Tottenville High School’s FIRST Robotics Team.”
– Diandra Vega

About The Team
Team 1396 was founded in 2003-2004 in Tottenville High School by the teachers Mrs. Hsu and Mr. Brown. The first official captains of Team 1396 were Anna Theodoropolous, Mark Fisher, and Joseph DeMeo. That same very year, team 1396 won the Rookie All Star Award at the NYC Regional Competition at Riverbank State Park. This qualified the team to go to the National Championship Competition that same year. Not to mention, the team also won the Judges Award for the “One Day Wonderbot” that year after experiencing a catastrophe at the National Championship. Upon arrival on a Thursday, the team had found themselves at an empty pit with no crate holding their robot. It turned out that the robot was accidentally shipped back home instead of to the championship and the team was robotless! However, this did not stop the team, nor break their spirit or vitality. Within ten hours, the team was able to put together a second robot to participate in the games that Friday. The team was aided by other teams who would drop in spare parts required to build a functioning robot. The robot earned the name, “One Day Wonderbot” and the team finished Archimedes in 33rd place with a 4-3-0 record! The Discovery Channel even did a story on the team that day.

Team 1396 still holds this same spirit and vitality from that year even now. No matter the challenge, the team has always been able to pull together and compete in the FIRST robotics games. Team 1396 continues to grow and improve in it’s teachings and skills every year. Each year opens new doors for the team’s students, and we continue to expand our knowledge and pass it down to the younger students so that the knowledge continues for the new generations to come.

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