General Information

Robot Information:
IP: Ask me
Wifi Username: 9266-rc
Wifi Password: you guys should know it

Game Rule Summary

Team Set-Ups Each team has two drivers, one coach, one human player and a robot. There are four teams in a game Those teams will then be made to fit into two alliances Each alliance consists of two teams, so one alliance has two robots, four drivers, two coaches, and, interestingly, only one human player. IN SUMMARY: There are 4 teams per match. Two “alliances” are created so each team will have a teammate and work together to score points. Game Rules: Robots The robot must be built out of specified materials (manual) Must fit within 18-inch cube (may have extendable parts) The game piece is a 4-inch diameter by 5-inch cone These cones are what the robot will primarily have to interact with. There are 60 total cones, 30 for each team. Each team may have a custom beacon which can be interacted with similarly. Scoring is based on your robot being able to move and interact with these objects.

Additional Reasources